Our strategy

Our goal is to breathe life into local downtown communities that historically were the hub of all social and economic activity from the post civil war era to the early 1970’s. Our goal is to revitalize these areas into destination for the younger, vibrant and energetic demographic groups. Specifically, to create an environment downtown where these groups will seek to live, work and play.

Our first project is in downtown Somersworth NH, an area with a rich industrial and manufacturing history, who like many New England downtowns experienced the ongoing cycle of economic activity as the manufacturing base diminished over time and businesses departed for the malls and suburban destinations. We feel the footprint from the dual Somersworth corridors of High and Main Street north running across the river into Berwick, ME is the ideal starting point to commence our vision. These are major traffic corridors, with vast pools of underutilized real estate that could serve as ideal locations for living, business and entertainment units.

Further, this target locale is in close proximity to several high income well established communities of Portsmouth, NH and York, ME whose population base would serve as a great potential consumers for what we expect to be more “edgy” and “chic” youth oriented entertainment venues that will emerge as a result of this model

We expect to achieve this objective by redeveloping underutilized real estate, repurposing it into upscale living units, innovative technology spaces and destination based entertainment businesses. This plan will serve as the necessary magnet to attract the youth that can effectively reinvigorate downtown economic activity.

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